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When calling, please have the actual height of the tank and the capacity. If you have an electric fan on top of your heater or see the words ”Power Vent” on your heater, please mention.

How Do I Know If I Need A New Hot Water Heater?

Your hot water heater’s health is probably the last thing on your mind day to day.  Most hot water heaters have an average life span of 12-15 years. If your hot water heater has not gone out yet, it could very soon.  Let a licensed plumber like Greenlee Plumbing inspect your hot water heater to see if it can be repaired or if needs a replacement. Call 678-813-8952 today to schedule and appointment for all Metro Atlanta areas.

Things to look for to see if you have a bad water heater:

  • Does it take an extremely long time to for your water to get hot?
  • Do you run out of hot water quickly in the shower or sink?
  • Are your showers cold?
  • Is your water leaking around your water heater?

Your water heater is potentially the most dangerous appliance in your home.  Getting your water heater tested and repaired or replaced, can keep a catastrophe from happening in your home.

  • Mold: It can leak water creating mold.
  • Gas Leak: It can leak gas or build up excessive pressure, which can cause an explosion.
  • Carbon Monoxide: It can leak carbon monoxide, which is colorless and odorless, that can be deadly.

Our Water Heaters

Prices include Bradford White water heater, all parts, labor and hauling away the old unit. **Prices are for installation in garage, drive up basement or ground floor.

Bradford White 6 Year

40 Gas Tall - $1750
50 Gas - $1800
40 Tall Electric - $1700
36 Lowboy Electric - $1750
50 Tall electric - $1800

Bradford White 10 Year

40 Gas - $2050
50 Gas - $2100
40 Lowboy Electric - $2050
40 Tall Electric - $2000
50 Tall electric - $2050

Bradford White Power Vent

6 Year - 40 Gas - $2750
6 Year - 50 Gas - $2950
10 Year - 40 Gas - $3050
10 Year - 50 Gas - $3250

Bradford White Pro

8 Year - 40 Gas - $1950
8 Year - 50 Gas - $2000
12 Year - 40 Gas - $2250
12 Year - 50 Gas - $2300

We bring the following up to code with the price of the water heater:

  • Expansion Tank
  • Flexible Gas Line
  • New Shut Off Valve

Do You Know If You Have An Expansion Tank?

If you don’t know if you have an expansion tank, click here to see what one looks like. An expansion tank is required by code. If you have an expansion valve or have well system, you do not need an expansion tank.  We can help you determine what you have.

Additional Fees

New PRV - $200

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